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Mandatory Board Meeting
October 24th @ 4 PM
We are unable to have a board meeting at MilleLacs-Casino at this time. The meeting will be at the state society's president house, please contact her for directions.  Dinner will be provided by a local restaurant. Please contact the state society president if you need special food accommodations by Oct. 23rd, 12pm.  Please email Lisa Sailor, MN Society of Medical Assistant President, if unable to attend. Read the agenda here.
CEU Opportunity

2 Free CEU's offered to Certified Medical Assistants(CMA). Registered Medical Assistants(RMA) , Licensed Practical Nurses(LPN) and students. 

Saturday, October 3rd at 9am in ZOOM to learn more about “Seizures, Treatment Options and Safety Considerations.”

Presentation length: 2 hours


Presentation Description: 

This seizures, treatment and safety webinar will briefly review epilepsy and seizure definitions, causes, types and basic response. The main focus of the webinar will be current available treatment options for those living with epilepsy, and best safety practices in the work, home and school environments for those living with epilepsy.  The webinar will provide additional resources for the participant on these topics. 


Presenter: Amy Haugen

About the Presenter:

Amy Haugen is the Regional Program Manager for the Epilepsy Foundation of MN.  In her role she manages all regional staff and programming for EFMN, as well as being responsible for implementing all programs and services for 20 counties in west central MN.  She leads support groups and offers social events for individuals and families impacted by epilepsy in west central MN, provides Seizure Smart educational trainings for all requests in the region, and works and supports individuals with epilepsy to  advocate for themselves in all aspects of their lives including health, career and schooling.   Amy has a bachelor's of science degree in social work from Concordia College, Moorhead MN.  She has spent her career in multiple "helping professions" including leading youth and family ministry programs in several churches, managing a staffing office at a mid sized hospital in Fargo, ND, and providing programs and services to individuals and families managing epilepsy diagnoses first in the NWMN/eastern ND region, and now in West Central MN. Amy's daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy at 7 months of age, had a rare intractable form of epilepsy and passed away in her sleep from a seizure when she was 3 1/2 years old.


Registration is Required:

You must register no later than Friday October 2nd by noon (12:00 PM)-NO EXCEPTIONS.  

Register in advance for this meeting:



When you are registering, please type in your legal name (no nicknames, etc). Phone numbers will not be approved. 


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the conference.Please save the confirmation email for the October 3rd date.  You will not receive a reminder email. 



Zoom Information:

Please take some time and get yourself familiar with Zoom PRIOR to the conference.


Meetings & Webinars – Zoom Help Center

Meetings & Webinars: Starting & Joining, Scheduling, & Controls


Using a phone during the presentation?

If you are planning on using your phone to listen to the presentation, you MUST change your phone number to your REGISTERED name (the name that you registered with).  


Before and During the Presentation:

Use your registered name when you enter the presentation.  Central Lakes chapter will not accept an unknown registered name-this is including phone numbers. 

All participants will be on mute when entering Zoom and must remain on mute during the presentation-this will help with the flow of things.  If you have a question during the presentation, please type in your question in the chat box. Central Lakes Chapter board members will monitor the chat box and will ask your questions to the presenter during the presentation. 

You will not be accepted into the presentation if you are logging in after 9:15 PM.  Plan on logging in early.  The Central Lakes chapter will start accepting  registered participants into the "room" around 8:30 AM.

Must attend 80% or more of the presentation to obtain your free CEU.  

There will be an announcement made during the presentation on how you will be able to obtain your CG CEU. If you miss the announcement, you will not receive your CEU.




Job Postings

We now have a page dedicated to job postings. We will list jobs that are submitted to us here for our members.

Browse Jobs

Open Positions for MN State Society of Medical Assistants

The MN State Society of Medical Assistants is seeking individuals to run for Delegates and the State Secretary position. All candidates must be an active member of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). An active member is an individual holding current credential status and along with the CMA (AAMA) credential has not been revoked. LEARN MORE

FALL Conference

After several weeks of discussions and searching for a positive outcome, the MSMA Executive Board has made the decision to cancel the virtual conference scheduled for October 3, 2020.  Putting together a professional virtual conference of this size (and one that will be worth the members time) will take longer than the time we have.   The Executive Board has researched purchasing Zoom for large groups, as well as speakers, training on Zoom, and the structure of a conference like this.  Setting up a virtual conference is a huge undertaking and we feel it is better to postpone a large conference until spring 2021.   


We are asking chapters to offer their own CEU sessions this fall and are open to helping the chapters set up these smaller sessions.  Here are some ideas for hosting a free CEU session with your chapter:

  • Host at a park (I am thinking I will be offering one a park in early October)

  • Coffee Shop

  • ZOOM (can use the society’s account once we have it all set up)


I’m asking you to share this information with your members.  You can send it through email and/or post it on your chapter’s Facebook page.  This information will also be posted on our state website.  The following page has the contact information for all the chapter presidents and the Executive Board.


We understand the frustration and upset some members may have at this announcement.  We are frustrated and upset as well.  But given the current pandemic, and that we want to do what’s best for our members, this decision is the right one. 


Feel free to contact me, or any of the Executive Board members, with any questions or concerns.


Thank you,

Lisa Sailor

MSMA State President


AAMA 64th Annual Conference

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, we've made the difficult decision to cancel the AAMA Conference this year.

Stay safe.




Lisa Sailor, MS, CMA (AAMA)
Denise Schmitz, CMA (AAMA)
Cherie Miller, CMA (AAMA)
Kathleen Paukert, CMA (AAMA)
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